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Thursday, July 8, 2010

cOOL watches to grab... for those who love it..

Designer Rolf Sachs has a created a watch with a blackboard style face for watch brand FORTIS.

ORB Bracelet Watch
The idea for this watch is classic plastic bracelet, with incorporated lines inside the watch that show the current time.

MK2 Circuit LED Watch
The Storm MK2 Circuit Mirror watch is ultra futuristic and breathtakingly enigmatic. It is complemented by an unusual LED time display with hours on the left and minutes on the right.

TIWE OLED Concept Watch
White dots run randomly. When you want to know the time, just shake it or hit the glass surface slightly.

Watches by Denis Guidone
Creative futuristic designs from Denis Guidone for sure.

Cabeston Winch Tourbillion Vertical Watch
Engineering masterpiece: 1352 components working together in masterful horological precision, driven by a 450 link chain and nickel drums.


.:padie_eyla:. said...

yang gamba 2nd tuh cntek.. jam jugak ke.? huhU~

faizzazh said...

yupp.. jam jgk tu.. tp die wat mcm gelang.. skrg kn rmi gals suka pki gelng yg besar2 n warna warni.. hehehe... lg pun trend skrg rmi ske pki jam bsor2.. tk gitu???

red One_foren6 said...

aku nk pegagatonik..ada x...haha

faizzazh said...

mai cafe ada.. pi arr.. hahahaha

alisha said...

ahha , i like the first one ! :DD

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